Refugees and migrants

In the Netherlands, we believe in equality and safety for everyone, no matter whom you love, how you identify, or how you express yourself. Here, you are protected by laws that guarantee your rights as an LGBTI+ individual. You have the right to be yourself, free from discrimination and violence.

COC Noordoost-Brabant is here for you!

What is COC? 

The COC is a Dutch organization that works to improve the situation of LGBTIQ people. We advocate for the interests of the LGBTI+ community and support you in the pursuit of equal rights, emancipation, and social acceptance. We regularly organize meetings and activities where you are welcome, where you can ask questions, make new contacts, participate in activities, or receive support. Please note COC cannot offer legal, medical, mental or financial help. If needed, we refer to other organizations.

Please contact COC Noordoost-Brabant via We are here for you!

Join Our COC Cocktail!

Cocktail is a social network developed by COC for LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender and Intersex) asylum seekers, refugees, and newcomers. Cocktail organizes buddy-contact between an LGBTI newcomer and a Cocktail volunteer. By organizing meetings and activities Cocktail wants to create a social network where people can be themselves and feel accepted.

Cocktail wants to help to reduce the isolation that LGBTI Refugees and Asylum seekers are in, and to introduce them into the Dutch society and our LGBTI community in a fun and safe way.

Do you want to join Cocktail? Or do you have questions? Write an email to or contact us on WhatsApp.

For general information with regard to the LGBTIQ community go to

Local support ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Oss

If you live in ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Oss and want local support, please feel free to send an e-mail to

Help at other locations

Help at AZC

The AZC has an LGBTIQ contact person. If you have any problems, questions or need of information with regard to your sexual orientation or gender: Ask for an appointment at the desk of the AZC. They are here to help you.


The COC Tilburg organizes walk-in gatherings for LGBTIQ asylum seekers. You can send an email to if you would like to participate. 


For more information see their page: COCKTAIL EINDHOVEN.